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Cultural Encounters

Cultural Visits Around Lake Mburo National Park

Visitors of a cultural Uganda safari to Lake Mburo National Park can do village walks. Most of the lodges in and around the park provide the opportunity to visit a local homestead and learn about traditional Banyankole life.

The Ankole cultural community tourism group can take the visitors through the process of milk chumming and ghee making, making local handicrafts, as well as village walks.

The local people in Rwenjeru campsite give the traditional cattle watering adventure, processing off the organic foods and juices.

You can also undertake a tour to Igongo Cultural Centre and Museum to learn about the fascinating history of the Ankole kingdom and other traditional societies of western Uganda.

It houses several detailed and well-annotated displays covering everything from the development of currency in Uganda to traditional Ankole and Bakiga dress, drums and other musical instruments, agricultural practices, and herbal medicine.

The cultural center also contains several informative displays relating to the foundation and the history of the Ankole kingdom, and its rules, and the 19th-century warrior queen Kitami Kya Nyawera, whose murder by a rival king presage a series of local disasters and led to the establishment of the Nyabingi cult at her shrine in the vicinity of Lake Bunyonyi.

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Want to visit Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda's smallest savannah park?