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Historical Tales About Lake Mburo

Most of Uganda’s safari destinations, towns or locations were named after something; a person, animals that once lived there, or something about its history! A good example is Uganda’s capital; Kampala, it was named after the Impalas that used to live on its hills thus Lake Mburo National Park Uganda has a story behind its name.

The present-day Lake Mburo National Park after the history of two loving brothers who once lived there. Years ago there lived two loving brothers; Mburo and Kigarama. Mburo and Kigarama lived together on this land for a long time. Their life depended much on cattle which they always grazed in the nearby rolling hills. One-night, Kigarama had a dream about heavy rainfall that caused severe floods in the area where they lived and destroyed all their property.

The next day, he decided to tell his brother about the dream he had the previous night and advised him to leave the place before this dream came true. Ignorantly, Mburo ignored his brother’s advice. Kigarama decided to relocate and find a new home to stay in one of the nearby hills that was later named Kigarama hill leaving Mburo behind. Unfortunately, the dream came true and it rained extremely with water filling the huge valley where they lived destroying all of Mburo’s property and his life too.

The today Lake Mburo was named so in honor of Mburo and the history has lived until today. A number of tourists Safari Uganda to Lake Mburo National Park for experience, fun and wildlife habitat encounters accompanied with the great history.

During the 1990’s, Lake Mburo National Park was used as a hunting area for the Ankole especially by the Bahima that reside around it. In order to protect the countless wildlife that exists in this park, it was gazetted as a game reserve in 1963 until 1986 when the Uganda Wildlife Authority turned it into a park.

A Uganda safari to Lake Mburo National Park exposes a tourist to the beauty bound in its small setting. Resting on an area of about 370Km2, Lake Mburo National Park is the smallest Savannah park conveniently located in western Uganda in Kiruhura district. Its flora is characterized by acacia dotted savanna of Olea and boccia, and papyrus swamps.


Lake Mburo National Park is an incredible little park perfect for Uganda wildlife safaris; these include both Long Uganda wildlife safaris or short Uganda wildlife safaris and 1 day Lake Mburo National Park safari.

Lake Mburo National Park is home to over 69 mammals, and about 350 species of birds. Lake Mburo National Park is a distinct place with unique wildlife for example; its the only home of the impalas in Uganda, with a high concentration of the Burchell’s zebras, Elands that are only found here, Kidepo Valley National Park and Pian Upe wildlife game reserve. Other animals to encounter include; Buffaloes, leopards, Oribi, Warthogs, Waterbucks, Defassa, Hyenas, Reedbucks, and Topis. Leopards and hyenas are also present and very few lions.

The Endemic African Foot

Lake Mburo also gives birders interested in Uganda birding safaris a good Uganda birding safari experience as they will encounter several bird species hidden in the Savannah vegetation of this park. Birds the different bird species in the park expect to see the ancient magnificent shoe-bill, the endemic African Finfoot, the fish Eagle, Pelican, Heron, Red faced Barbet, Papyrus yellow warbler, long tailed cisticola, Red chested Lapwing, and other acacia associated birds.

Besides the wildlife, Lake Mburo National Park is a distinct place with exciting unique features such as the old Precambrian rocks that have existed for over 500 million years ago. Besides the rocks, this park has over 5 lakes bordering it including Lake Mburo from which its name was derived.

Safaris Uganda give chance to tourists to have proud rights of being among the few fortunate visitors to have a game foot walk in the wild, listening to the whispers of the blowing wind, as well as encounter with the peaceful residents of Lake Mburo National Park.

Want to visit Lake Mburo?

Want to visit Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda's smallest savannah park?