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Activities In Lake Mburo National Park – What Things To Do in Mburo

The Best Activities In Lake Mburo National Park – What Things To Do? 

They are a variety of things to do/tourist activities in Lake Mburo National Park. These include;

  1. Game drives,
  2. Boat cruise/launch trips
  3. Bird watching,
  4. Hiking and nature walks,
  5. Sport Fishing,
  6. Horseback safaris,
  7. Cycling safaris/mountain biking
  8. Cultural visits,

1. Game Drives In Lake Mburo National Park

Game drives are one of the most interesting Uganda safari activities in Lake Mburo National Park.  This activity is well scheduled because some animals are too shy in that they can’t be seen any time one wants to.

The park offers both day and night game drives.

Day Game Drives

Early morning and late afternoon are the best times to roam the park in search of wildlife. Game viewing in Lake Mburo during wildlife safaris in Uganda is done through game viewing tracks that pass through the game-dotted section of the park.

In the particular location of the park, the quality of game viewing is determined by the season as well as vegetation changes.

Game viewing tracks in Lake Mburo National Park:  The best game viewing is in the park-like savannah north and east of Rwonyo along the Research Track where two earth dams were excavated and the Zebra, Impala, and Warukiri tracks. These areas are home to substantial concentrations of impalas, zebras, waterbucks, topis, and buffaloes.

Day Game Fees In Lake Mburo National Park (Per Person)
  • US$20−Foreign Non-Resident Visitors
  • US$20−Foreign Resident Visitors
  • UGX 20,000−East African Citizens

Guided Night Game Drives

An alternative view of the park, hopefully including sightings of animals rarely seen during the day, is provided by guided night drives.

The number of nocturnal predators in Lake Mburo National Park including leopards and hyenas has been increasing, particularly in the northeast of the park due to increased conservation efforts.

Night drives out of Mihingo Lodge now come with a 50 percent chance of seeing leopards. They are often quite relaxed around vehicles and packs of 20 Hyenas are regularly seen.

Night game drives in Lake Mburo National Park start between 6:30 pm−7:00 pm and last 2 to 3 hours, escorted by a ranger guide.

Guided Night Game Drives Fee In Lake Mburo National Park
  • US$30−Foreign Non-Resident Visitors
  • US$30−Foreign Resident Visitors
  • UGX 50,000−East African Citizens

2. Boat Rides/Launch Trips On Lake Mburo

A boat cruise on Lake Mburo leaves from the jetty at the main campsite 1 kilometer from Rwonyo camp. In addition to the attractive scenery and simple pleasure attached to being on the water, the boat rides are yet one of the must-do activities in Lake Mburo National Park.

They offer reliable and spectacular sightings of hippos, crocodiles, buffaloes, waterbucks, and bushbucks, and you can also look out for the three otter species that inhabit the lake.

Several waterbirds including the striking African fish eagle, marabou stork, pied kingfisher, and several egrets and herons can all be seen on the lake.  The Ross’s turaco and Narina trogon are frequently seen in lakeside thickets.

Lake Mburo is also a great place in Uganda to see the African finfoot, generally associated with still water below overhanging branches.

Launch trips on Lake Mburo last 90 minutes and leaves every 2 hours between 08.00 and 16.00 as well as at 17.30.

Boat Rides Fees In Lake Mburo National Park

  • US$30−Foreign Non-Resident Visitors
  • US$30−Foreign Resident Visitors
  • UGX 30,000−East African Citizens

3. Horseback Safaris In Lake Mburo Park

Horseback safaris are one of the very few active adventure tourist activities in lake Mburo National Park and an exciting way to see amazing Uganda wildlife in this park while on your holiday in Uganda.

It is a great opportunity to get close to animals such as zebras and buffaloes which are far more relaxed around horses than around cars. During these Uganda safari tours, one feels part of nature because even the shy elands come close to you.

Mihingo lodge operates all Lake Mburo horseback safaris in the east of the park, tailored to individual experience and requirements.

Kids can be led on good-natured ponies while at the other extreme experienced riders can help a couple of retired racehorses burn off some calories.

The maximum weight that you can be to ride a horse is 100 kg, but most horses cannot carry more than 85kg. All rides are accompanied by experienced horse guides.

Horseback Safari Fees In Lake Mburo National Park

Rates for the day range from US$40/60 per person for a 30 to 60-minute taster in the grassy valley floor below the lodge, an area habitually filled with game, to US$240 for a half-day excursion to various hilltop viewpoints with a picnic breakfast.

A substantial discount of US$25/40 for 30/60mins or US$150 for half day Those staying at Mihingo Lodge are given. Overnight, two-day and three day-rides are also available.

4. Guided Nature Walks In Mburo 

In the Company of armed rangers, visitors on guided nature walks in Mburo park. Near the rest camp, the hilltop Interpretation Centre is derelict but has a good viewpoint, while the road to the jetty is a good place to walk, being rich in birds and regularly visited by hippos.

An even better target is a viewing platform that overlooks a salt lick about 2 kilometers from the camp, an excellent place to see a wide variety of animals.

Hikers and birders can visit Rubanga Forest, found off the Rwizi track, with the permission of the warden, who will provide them with an armed ranger.

The walks begin early in the morning at around 6:30 am. Another nature walk starts at 7:00 am and runs for 2 hours but it is one of the unique tourist activities in Lake Mburo National Park.

All walks should be booked in advance.

Guided Nature Walks Fees In Lake Mburo National Park (Per Person)

  • US$15−Foreign Non-Resident Visitors
  • US$15−Foreign Resident Visitors
  • UGX 10,000−East African Citizens

5. Bird Watching In Lake Mburo National Park

For travelers on birdwatching tours in Uganda, Lake Mburo offers a great opportunity of seeing numerous waterbirds, forest birds, and savannah birds.

At the lake swamps, the main targets are African finfoot, papyrus gonolek, white-winged warbler, African water rail, and white-backed night-heron. Yellow-throated leaflove chatter loquaciously in dense, waterside thickets, and giant kingfishers wait patiently on

Birdwatchers should also ask about the Rubanga forest, which has a closed canopy in some places and you may find birds not yet recorded on the park’s official list.

6. Sport Fishing In Lake Mburo National Park

Sportfishing at Lake Mburo is very exciting and a must-do on a Uganda adventure vacation. The most common fish found in this lake is tilapia but the lake contains about six species of fish. The designated fishing spot is at Mazinga.

Visitors doing sport fishing are advised to carry personal fishing gear. Some companies and lodges arrange for this gear and the fishing permits at US$15 per person. The Uganda wildlife authority or your travel companies always help to acquire one.

7. Cycling In Lake Mburo Game Park

If you’re on Uganda adventure safaris and like to keep fit, grab a bike and explore Lake Mburo, National Park. Cycling in Lake Mburo Park connects you more intimately as you see much of the wildlife around you.

The rides are tailored to individual needs and all riders go with a guide. Trails are ranging from 1 hour to as long as you can ride.  Trails are primarily along flat valley bottoms where abundant wildlife exists and visibility is good.

For mountain bikers, there are plenty of challenging stretches and alternative routes possible. Cycling is much more enjoyable during the cool hours of the day. Please take a backpack of cold water.

Expect to see zebras, warthogs, impalas, and waterbucks on rides.

Cycling Fees in Lake Mburo National Park (per person)

  • US$30−Foreign Non-Resident Visitors
  • US$30−Foreign Resident Visitors
  • UGX 30,000−East African Citizens

8. Cultural Visits Around Lake Mburo Park

Visitors to Uganda on safaris to this park can do village walks.

Most of the lodges in and around the park provide the opportunity to visit a local homestead and learn about traditional Banyankole life and this is becoming one of the prominent things to do/activities in Lake Mburo National Park.

The Ankole cultural community tourism group can take the visitors through the process of milk chumming and ghee making, making local handicrafts, as well as village walks.

The local people in Rwenjeru campsite give the traditional cattle watering adventure, processing off the organic foods and juices.

Igongo Cultural Centre and Museum

Igongo Cultural Centre and Museum can be toured to learn about the fascinating history of the Ankole Kingdom. You will learn about other traditional societies of western Uganda too.

It houses several detailed and well-annotated displays covering everything from the development of currency in Uganda to traditional Ankole and Bakiga dresses. Igongo also has drums and other musical instruments, agricultural practices, and herbal medicine.

The cultural center also contains several informative displays relating to the foundation and the history of the Ankole kingdom, its rules, and the 19th-century warrior queen Kitami Kya Nyawera.

His murder by a rival king presage a series of local disasters and led to the establishment of the Nyabingi cult at her shrine in the vicinity of Lake Bunyonyi.

Please note that ALL activities require advance entry fee payment.

There are a variety of wonderful tourist activities in Lake Mburo National Park for those planning to visit this park. Contact us for the best Uganda safari planning and advice for Lake Mburo. You will be assisted to organise the best things to do in this park for a tour beyond your expectations!!

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