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Game Drives

Game Drives In Lake Mburo National Park Uganda

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The savannah landscapes as a Tourist Activities in Lake Mburo National Park Uganda contain a range of wild game and are ideal for game drives and wild game viewing. There are a range of tracks that are designed to enable you explore the park in detail. These include;

Zebra Tracks

The Zebra track offers impressive views of Burchell’s Zebra alongside other species like bushbucks, oribi and reedbucks. The track connects to Ruroko track junction traverses through the wetland and thick acacia woodland marked by olive trees and eurphorbia species. The adjoining Ruroko track takes you the rocky out crops with opportunities to spot a Klipspringer.

The Kazuma track   This track passes through grassland dotted with wood species where the black-bellied bustards are common sightings.

You climb the splendid Kazuma hill which offers the great scenic views of Lake Mburo National Park and beyond considering its altitude.

The wild game tend to graze on the lower layers of the hill while the open hill top allows you to explore all the five lakes in Lake Mburo National Park.

Kigambira Loop

The Kigambira loop trails traverses through the woods and spaced thicket which opens you to bush duikers and bushbucks. The Lakeside Track The Lake side track allows you to explore the water environment featuring the water flora and fauna.

The range of water birds dwelling in the water logged areas and swamps that surround Lake Mburo can be seen long this track not forgetting the swamp dwelling animals like the Sitatunga.

Game drives are best done in the morning and in the evening and tend to last 3 – 4 hours. The drives are taken along various tracks considering the factor of season and weather.

For example in dry seasons, animals assemble around water bodies like lakes and swamps which tend to offer extraordinary photo sessions when herds of animals congregate in mutual co – existence on water shores.

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